Conman ~ Thief ~ Scumbag


Hi there!   I’m Keith Hathaway



And I STOLE £20,000 from Mark Watson!


I will let Mark tell you the whole sordid story himself:



Hello I’m Mark, but I’m better known in the online world as the persona Kasino King.   I’m a very amateur web-master and affiliate, giving casino advice to my fellow players.


Here I will give the time-line as to how I became a victim of the con-man above:


My first contact with Keith Hathaway was early in 2012 when he was my Affiliate Manager at Redbet casino.   He cut me a good affy deal and seemed like a very friendly and amiable chap.


Over the following years we had frequent Skype conversations and met up a couple of times each year at industry conferences. He seemed like a genuine, honest & trustworthy friend… how wrong can you be???


I now feel like a total plonker for falling for his lies, but I think it best to admit how stupid I was so that hopefully this site will prevent anyone else getting fleeced like I was.


Photo = me with Keith at the CasinoMeister Meeting in February 2017


Click Here for more pictures!



Loan Request

Suddenly in August 2017 Keith approached me on Skype saying he had cash-flow issues and asking for help.

Long story short, I was lucky enough to have the funds available at the time, so I lent him a total of €18,500 on the promise of getting £20K back within 3 months.   But I was not motivated by making a profit – I just did it because I foolishly thought he was a genuine friend in need.

I have the FULL Skype transcript recorded – some key screenshots can be found below this summary of what was said.   Basically it was just 16 months of lies & bullshit.

He told me several times that he had his “house money” and that I would get paid within days – but it never happened.

To date he has not repaid one penny – and these are some of the false promises he made to me (main lies in BOLD):



Skype Transcripts
(Just the relevant bits)

Black text = Keith, Blue text = Me.

(Sorry it’s a bit long – I’ve made it as short as I can)

9-Aug-17: Hey,

But of a random one and a very out of the blue question here, but I need to take 10-15k pretty mediate as in the next 48 hours. Got a huge issue well also a business thing that is blocking a lot of my cash right now and this needs to be done by then.


Happy to pay a rather large chunk of interest for helping out as the issue is very much short term, but urgent. Like I said happy to pay rather large interest and feel bad asking, as not as if we speak that often. But I am also certainly good for the money and the interest we agree, if you can help with all or some of it.


I am asking a few people so hopefully my reputation is good I can get it together on time!


Not to worry if not, and I feel bad asking but needs must. I can obviously explain more and agree some chunky interest if you can help or make it more formal and sign an agreement etc.


Thanks in advance, and no worries if not! Life is never simple you know, never! haha sent to try us hey!

Pounds, Euro or Rand?

haha pounds! had some quite serious shit here, but sold one of my homes in the UK but will take 1-2 months to get that in liquid cash, so kinda need short term. I will be getting 120k ish from my share so happy to make it worth someones while with a couple of grands interest! Hahahahaha just a funny one as its short term screwed but in a couple of month more liquid than I ever been!

Well I could help out if none of your mates will...

if you can make i will ship you 12k back the day my house funds clear

and anything i can do to help you out i will always be good for mate! just left in a hole now and its like arrrggghhhh! Lol

So I lend you 15K and you give 12K back?  It's a deal!

no 15k and you get 18k!

or whatever similar

obviously i appreciate this and i only have a small section of friends who can spare that amount, so its fair i show I’m thankful

plus I’m about to be 125k ish richer so 3k on 15 seems more than fair to save me a shitty 3 months!

or 2 months even

better interest than banks as well

I don't want that much interest - in fact I don't want any.   Just want to be sure you'll pay it back.

mate if you give me 15k short term, max 2 month you get it back with interest. Thats a promise, its important to look after friends

very important

ive had such a shitty 6 months and this house sale has sorted things out so its a saviour, I’m never one for ripping friends off. not in this industry either

its too small for that, 15k ends a career


See screenshot

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

18-Sep-17: Don’t actually need another loan but need to send 1k on Skrill, can’t deposit. I can bank transfer but can’t deposit, they are SOOOO annoying

Yes - I use Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, Bitcoins...

This is NOT a loan long term but can you send 1k on Skrill and your bank details and I do a transfer for the full 1k, i can actually pay you maybe 3k back, so a chip away at the other money too

Finally things looking up for me, the 1k is for one of the designers for one of the new sites! Super exciting

I do the bank wire today if it helps, but Skrill are SERIOUSLY pissing me and some others off!

If I've got 1K in there... let me check.

haha okay cheers, but i will send that one right back, like i said this isn’t a loan!

I may be able to pay him 500 and 500

let me ask!

such a funky site this one too haha

I've got just over €1K...

I’m also in the UK next month, i should come down and chat to you about the new sites!

can you send 1k and i will bank wire you 1k back?

. . . . .

OK - just sent you €1,000 and it cost €19 in fees...

send me your bank details, you can even email them to the IBAN and stuff for international. And when I’m home this afternoon i sent you the cash and i maybe send some early of the other loan so not all the house money goes haha

Best to send it back to my bank and avoid 3 lots of fees...

yeah mail me your bank details

it will this afternoon or evening as i don’t have that security token thing but will send it today


27-Sep-17: Also if you have any more on there can you send it all to me!!! Well up to a grand more, so I can pay the designer but I think you're empty now?

I will them send whatever the Skrill total is! Going ahead with the site

No more funds right now


13-Oct-17: afternoon mate

can you check your bank, my ex wife cash arrived!

and i desperately need the extra 1k for my designer, he will work this weekend but has work next week or i lose a week!

check the bank and prey for me!

if I’m not online my skrill is: and i will send another 1k plus fees back!

when i come see you i will show you some of his work and maybe he can do stuff for you

Nothing's hit my bank yet mate...     Just checked 3:20pm GMT.

grrrr hating life, hers dropped this morning she whatsapp’d me


love hat word, mela

guess its got an hour or two

no money in, no designer, and my fucking internet keeps dropping hahahahaha !!!

what a day

did you have another grand on Skrill anyway for when it does drop? i assume so as you said you’d left 10 operators on there, or just deposit the grand i send haha! I need to pay my car payment too but thats not skrill!

i should be drinking beer not worried about designers, skrill and car payments today. Friday is supposed to be “Fike” day in MAlta!

Yes, I do have it now - been paid a few times in the last few days.

I am feeling a little uncomfortable about this - I've never lent anyone anything like this before...

no its fine, my ex wife had hers in today and yu never send any more till it arrives

my designer can wiat

the house sale is getting there too and on the original timescale, ive never leant any money like this before, or needed too, before!

so i certainly feel uneasy too, but i guess if one thing this year has made me realise is life throws shit at you and i will never get in this state ever again thats for sure

kinda makes you appreciate things you know

. . . .

Just sent you another €1,000

Has to be the last until I start seeing something come back though.


18-Oct-17: Hi Keith 

Still haven't seen any payment from your bank to mine... 

Could you investigate what's happened from your end?

hey mate, yeah had quite an issue. yours and one more not arrived. been on the phone to them today actually, driving for an hour and they should have called me back by then. The one i wasn’t as worried about, has arrived!


6-Nov-17: Morning mate!!!! Just a quick one, seems like this house will complete next week!!! Rich again hahaha and we fully square up on everything



4 months later…


5-March-18: Hey mate actually yes some good news

I’m heading over to the UK this week actually and yeah you and everyone will be paid in a week or so, finally only about 4 months late!

It's actually 6 months since the loan - how time flies, eh!

Yeah I mean 4 months late as I said oh 6-8 weeks. It will all be worth it in the end and last year was my toughest in such a long time.


26-March-18: i may start playing a bit soon! FINALLY next 10 days I will be rich again!!!!!!

going to have a trip back to the UK, so will pop down and see you for a beer! obviously will send the money online and not show up with cash haha

Hopefully I can be too... ?

well you wont be rich but you will get every penny back from me, and i may buy a few pints

so when its all completed i will head back as being paid into my UK account anyway, and i need to close some stuff off in the UK

so when its all completed i will head back as being paid into my UK account anyway, and i need to close some stuff off in the UK

Sounds good    Know the dates yet?

no im just waiting for money. im basically fine day to day now with the consulting, but will cost a grand to be in the UK for a few weeks, so want to wait till it drops

cant count the days, as im not sure exactly the date but im waiting now!


See screenshot

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

11-May-18: So I was just wondering what's going on...

What are you doing in Africa?

And when are you coming back to the UK?

morning mate, soon! this is an absolutely amazing adventure but its not moving full time. Just a way of earning till everything happens. It really is amazing over here but also I just want it all resolved.

If it takes a month or two more what I can do is sent 2/3k per month anyway? Now im earning decent and spending pennies over here and that will help you feel better about teh delays?

To be honest Keith, it does feel a bit like you're taking the piss over this loan.

It was only supposed to be a few months to start with - then it kept getting pushed back & back.

Not so long ago you said the house sale was finalized and that you would square things away - next thing I heard is that you've buggered of to Africa! 

So yeah - I would appreciate it if you could start making some re-payments if you don't have the house money yet.

yeah i can see why you think that but Africa is work. I post nice pics from evenings and whatever but its work. Im also living for pennies so with I am pretty sure the ex messing round with the houses means i can pay you back in nice monthly chunks if it carries on


21-June-18: looks like I head to Ghana soon so pretty good.

Going to sort out my loan before you go...?

yeah, maybe tomorrow worst case next week. either way money will be in your bank within the week. complete maybe today actually but likely tomorrow

i am having it sent to revolut that i have access to here, so no excuse or reason for delay as it works in africa easy


5-July-18: hey hey matye

Can you send me your bank details again, today or tomorrow i will be repaying you in full with a drink on top, FINALLY!

Hope to hear that no matter what was said you found a way with the coins, and its little justice really as id always give you this back but well hope it helps a bit

<gave bank details – AGAIN!>


12-July-18: Hi Keith.   Now what?

hey mate, i actually missed that with the bank details or they come now, Skype is bad. Anyway, great news. Im rich!! haha well not rich but the money is in. I will send as soon as i get to the hotel tonight as the token is there for my bank. (Im in Ghana)


I cant tell you what a relief its been, i will message you later the confirmation thing like you did for me many months ago


17-July-18: Hi mate!

Nothing showing in my bank yet...


23-July-18: Let me know if the money dropped, im sending via revolut and a few coming back to me. I sent it a week ago now. if not i can try and get the ex wife to send locally from uk, strange i know hahaha

Checked bank - still nothing

haha fuck, ive had 3 payments not go through. i will check after work today and worst case get the ex wife to send from uK account she has and fix with her later


15-Aug-18: hey mate, i am home next week!

I literally cant move any money into Africa let alone access to move out, so i have just booked tickets home for next Tuesday!

Are you around the mid to end of next week? Have to go to liverpool first as thats where my branch is but should be almost instant then when im home

and it was 16-17k euro or pound? I know it seems bad i cant remember!

Also, that beer you posted that i just see and remoided me to tell you, looks good. 3 weeks no drink and gym daily!

i can finally be actually debt free and access my money!  3 people who are to big to send from here, i owe you a lot more than a beer or three. and i am happy to put some on top, i know you said no. But i have kept you waiting a lot longer than promised

so i am happy to add a grand or two on mate, its the very least i can do

Glad to hear that!

i mean im always paying you back even late, thats areal kick in the balls

To answer your question - I lent you £15,410 + 2x €1,000 from Skrill.

super, its all in my UK account in pounds so thats ideal. I land late Tuesday night into London. Liverpool Weds Morning so Weds PM its all mine again

you around end of the week or that weekend?

i will probs stay in liverpool catching up with a few people till thursday or friday, but will head back down south then

Yeah - we'll be around if you fancy visiting sunny Bexhill-on-sea

i had a year from hell and you helped me out, you had a rough bit with the whole crypto thing and me keeping you hanging!

Now, you will be 20k or so topped up and i got the house money, we earned one night out!


We arranged via Facebook messenger for him to come down on a Thursday – I even cancelled a planned night out – but he never showed up. Made some ridiculous excuse about his cousin stealing his car.


17-Sept-18: Hey mate

funniest thing just happened. i am obviously finishing in africa and mabe not just see you to pay you some cash and a night out. Marathonbet in Hove want to see me for a job haha

I hope so mate. To be honest my patience is running very thin right now, so sooner the better.

Please let me know when you are coming back to the UK.


19-Oct-18: Hi Keith. Nothing to say?

To be honest I got lots to say but I’m embarrassed and fed up of giving excuse after excuse. I didn’t see this coming at all but very messy with everything and I honestly didn’t expect it as I come home after things being done.


Going to London today stage one of fixing things but I have said this before, I am not sure I even believe it myself now.


So much for time off and a fresh start for me, but it is always excuse after excuse so you won’t believe me and I get that.


What I will do if its not fixed in the next week (possible but unlikely), I will pay you in quite large monthly chunks. I will have to take back the Africa consultancy but that is fine, it was good for me before, it means I can pay quite chunky monthly payments. But you are right, I have no answers good enough.


I really didn’t see this coming but wouldn’t expect you to believe that, so I will just accept that till I either get it fixed or when you start seeing a couple of larger monthly chunks you will then.


Truly I am sorry but it means nothing, doesn’t mean it isn’t true tho. Genuinely upset about this and just not sure what to say.


I really will message you when im back and explain a bit more if you want. But it will just sound like excuses and I get that but that is how it is. Either way you really will get paid, in whatever form, and I wouldnt believe it either but I am gutted at this. Anyway, I will update you


I am a very patient and understanding person, but I know you know this went on FAR too long, and even a saint would get upset.

This is not small change - it's about 6 month's earnings for me & would be a life-changing sum for the majority of "ordinary working class people"

But I have just one big question: What happened to the house sale money which was going to sort everything out for you?

You said you got that a few weeks back - what happened to all that?


<no reply>


24-Oct-18: Hi Keith,

You need to keep in touch with me man, otherwise my stress levels will rise again.

I would rather have bad news than silence, so at least I know what's going on.


HI, I know. It is not good, well not good for a one off payment at all. Basically the house was sorted, but my malta nightmare i thought i left behind has come back to haunt me.


Effectively as there is an effective case with my former partner there, he also has a UK company and has submitted a confiscation and proceeds of crime request! Its like a fucking story and I am embrassed with new excuse after excuse. I was spending my salary knowing I had a nestegg here, and its one I cant touch yet.


If by Friday its not released and resolved I will be back to Africa next mont. I left that on good terms and they want me back. So very worst case, now I have no no other debts as such I can pass back to you at a rate of about 2k a month. But I want to pay you in one and to be honest I want to get my lump back. Its not gone its just a claim on it. Anyway, i didnt even want to say as its one excuse after another.


Im driving quite a bit today as going to see my lawyer in liverpool so if i read and dont reply its not me ignoring you its as im driving. i also not reply as im just bloody embarrassed. i know how mych money it is and believe me one way or the other and whenever it will be then you will be paid in full and im gutted this has happened

You told me about this business before, and I must admit I did think that was all behind you.

Obviously I'm very sorry you're in this mess and I really do hope you can get it sorted once and for all.   Must be a nightmare for you

So did I, I had no clue he even had a UK company and was able to do this. It all got so messy and nasty in malta, thats why I decided to leave instead of getting a job there so I really did assume all behind me. Obviously lost a lot in Malta but can move on with the house money and start again. I even had got some new sites planned for as I travelled haha!


I mean I am lucky I have the offer of Africa again, means I can go on good financially month to month and pay you back in full even if monthly. BUT i wanted to get all settled and not have to go back. Its not awful and i cant complain, i need to earn and pay debts if i dont have that case.


But it is so vicious, so nasty and no way do i deserve this. I totally rue the day I met the partner, we both made mistakes but what he has done is evil.


25-Oct-18: not quite sure what it is, but my solicitor just left a message to say he has good news and to call him, although too late now. Here's hoping, hopefully will mean not having to wait for monthly payments. I will let you know after I speak to him tomorrow


28-Oct-18: … so was the news good... or not so good?


29-Oct-18: Find out today but hopefully good!


30-Oct-18: i signed to go back to africa too, confirmed on that so worst case you get nice monthly chunks, not ideal but guaranteed money

but i think i will fix before then, well most.

So can you give me some dates and plan of what you intend to pay & when?

for a lump no, but a min of 2k maybe more per month from about 4 weeks time on my first pay. pays it off in nice chunks but not ideal and i want it all gone and done befor ethat for about 10 months at that rate

So 2 years from the original loan...

So is there still a chance of the lump - or has that gone out the window?

no it hasnt, thats worse case when i work on the lump but at least good and regular payments

from end of next month as in first salary. it may well be more than 2k per month, but wont be less

will be a min of per month

obviously i want it off my chest as fast as possible so if i can more i will

Well I will not say too much about your previous promises...

When exactly will you be going back to Africa?

you can say it mate, its all true and i sholuld have done a whole lot more

i deserve that plus a lot more lets put it that way

and i will if i get things confirmed in the next hour, go tonight for 10 days. then back for 10 days, then out again for the next few months or till all sorted

Which country will you be going to?



8-Nov-18: What I will do as well is actually set up a standing order from the end of the month for 2k. And also pay on top if I can be a min of 2k. Plus if I ever get the lump sorted clear in one. That is the plan but this is the situation till then


3-Dec-18: good morning! i have just submitted my invoice, so part one is coming soon

not that its enough and its fucking messy but hey ho

I was just thinking  it's about time...


9-Dec-18: Hey mate sorry been off here mostly as my laptop has an issue and not good on my phone. Cash should drop in next week, invoice is approved

I will know more next day or wo


16-Dec-18: Any news...?

hi mate just had a message today actually that it will be recieved in full netx week. then its easy just a regular monthly payment, not the way i want to do it but at least will hace a small bonus before xmas. im staying here for xmas too


<Deep in thought: what bullshit excuse can I come up with now?>



21-Dec-18: Hi Keith,

So will you be sending me a Christmas present before the big day...?

haha yeah, not a big pay day but at the very least a payment will be sent before/ it at drop tomorrow may do Monday but yes. you are the first and only paymen I care about to just show you I'm serious now I'm abck out here

Thanks. Once you get the ball rolling, maybe I won't be so stressed about it...

exactly and it does stress me too and make me feel bad. I promise you that


26-Dec-18: Good morning mate, our travelling today but I had a Christmas surprise and a good one! 👌 Short term (as in I can send some cash now), and also some hope we won't have to do it monthly for more than a few months! (Although I won't get carried away till that happens)



So December over and still not a penny in sight.

So what's you latest excuse?

Actually - don't bother - I don't want to hear it.

I've really had enough of this now.

I'll give you 7 days - to Jan 7th - then I WILL start taking action.

You've left me no choice.


<no reply… ever. December 26th was the very last time Keith contacted me>



It is now June 2019


And he still hasn’t paid me one penny!




Screenshots of the Actual Skype Chats




-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

can you check your bank, my ex wife cash arrived!”




-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

seems like this house will complete next week!!! Rich again hahaha and we fully square up on everything”




-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

FINALLY next 10 days I will be rich again!!!!!!”




-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

maybe tomorrow worst case next week. either way money will be in your bank within the week”




-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

“Anyway, great news. Im rich!!"




-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

its all in my UK account in pounds so thats ideal”




-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

“a min of 2k maybe more per month from about 4 weeks time



End of screenshots
(though I have a LOT more)




Do YOU know where this con-man is?
Or where he is working now?

If so, please let me know on:





Here’s a few more pictures of this rogue:






Do YOU know where this con-man is?
Or where he is working now?

If so, please let me know on: